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Try Going Dry for January

Posted on December 16th, 2019



With Christmas just weeks away, many of us will be looking forward to unwinding and celebrating with a glass or two of our favourite tipple. However, there are lots of us out there that feel like we drink too much or too often throughout the year and would like some time away from alcohol. That’s where Dry January comes in where people across the globe will be cutting out or reducing their alcohol consumption.


Why should I take part?

Alcohol Change UK suggests that a month’s break from drinking could really help to change your relationship with alcohol and also help to break unhealthy habits surrounding drinking. This can then lead to us making better decisions about our drinking which makes us feel more in control. There’s a number of other benefits too!


What could I gain from 31 days alcohol-free?

Last year during Dry January, Alcohol Change UK reported that 88% of participants saved money, 71% of participants had better sleep and 58% of participants lost weight. There is also evidence that alcohol consumption is linked with more than 60 health conditions, including depression, live disease, high blood pressure as well as several types of cancer such as breast, bowel, liver and mouth.

Research shows that cutting down or not consuming alcohol all together will help reduce the risk of developing these conditions and as a result, improve overall health.


Why does what we drink matter?

You may have a healthy relationship with alcohol and feel completely in control when you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, there are many that can’t say the same and even more that are affected by someone else’s drinking habits. It is estimated that 220,000 children in England have an alcohol dependant parent, with alcohol related issues costing the NHS over £3.5 billion per year.

Sadly, excessive alcohol consumption can also be fatal: in 2017, 8,600 related drink-driving deaths happened in the UK and every single day, 20 people will die due to alcohol related issues, which then has a knock-on effect on friends, families and those that depend on these people.


What is healthy alcohol consumption?

It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly is a ‘healthy’ amount of alcohol but the UK’s Chief Medical Officers’ alcohol guidelines for both men and women recommend that we drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, spread out over three or more days.  It’s also recommended that we have a few days in the week where we don’t drink any alcohol, which in turn helps us reduce our consumption.

The info-graphic below gives a rough estimation of how many units are in our favourite drinks:

Image result for units in alcohol


How can I make a change?

Like Alcohol Change UK, we don’t want to scare people away from drinking but to help promote healthier habits and enable people to identify if they have a problem with their drinking. For more information about Dry January as well as statistics and the work done by Alcohol Change UK, visit

However, if you have already have concerns about your drinking habits, please speak to your GP so we can get you in touch with services that can help you further.



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