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This practice is part of a network of general practices in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough who host medical research on a regular basis. As such we are accredited as being ‘Research Ready’.

Findings from research studies can be used by our GPs, nurses or other health professionals to enable us to offer you the most appropriate care. Over 500,000 people took part in research in England last year and anyone registered with the practice could help shape the future of healthcare by helping with research projects that you may be invited to participate in.

You may be approached by a member of this practice to participate in a research project. Please consider any patient information leaflets you may receive about research carefully. This information may be sent to you or given to you by a nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional. Taking part in a research study can vary greatly and might involve completing a questionnaire, agreeing to an interview with a researcher or taking part in a clinical trial.

Participation in research is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in research without it affecting your medical care. Should you wish to decline all research invitations from the practice then, please let us know so that we can ensure we have recorded your preferences. If you want to know more about research or want to get involved,  you can get information from


Below are some of the studies and research that the Spinney Surgery is either taking part in or plan to take part in the future:

ATTACK (Aspirin To Target Arterial Events in Chronic Kidney Disease) The ATTACK study is being run by the University of Leicester and is looking at the effect of aspirin on patients with kidney disease or CKD.


You may be called to take part in this study because tests in your medical record suggest that your kidneys may not be working normally.

GENVASC (Genetics and Vascular Health Check Study) This study is being run by is being run by the University of Leicester to help determine whether the addition of genetic information can improve risk prediction of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).


You may be asked during an NHS healthcheck whether you wish to take part in the study.


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