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Online Services

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We offer our patients access to online services so they can better manage their health and wellbeing on the go or outside of surgery hours. Using SystmOne (also known as online services/access), patients are able to:

  • order repeat prescriptions as well as view their current list of medication
  • book and cancel appointments made at the practice as well as view upcoming and past appointments (please note the types of appointments patients can book online is currently limited to pharmacist medication reviews)
  • view medical records online which includes information relating to medications, allergies, adverse reactions etc.
  • view test results for the last six months

At the Spinney Surgery, we also promote the use of the NHS app and Doctorlink. Doctorlink enables patients to check their symptoms and get advice on their care as well as book appointments. The NHS app allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions as well as view their medical record online.

Proxy Access

If you are a patient with the surgery and would like access to another patient’s account, you will need to fill in an online access form for them as well as yourself if you are not already signed up. We offer patients the ability to access another patient’s account if:

  • they are under the age of 16
  • they do not have capacity on their own (i.e. they have dementia, a learning disability etc.)
  • they are elderly and struggle to manage their health online
  • you are both registered with the practice

Please be aware if the patient is are over the age of 16, we may need written permission from them stating that they consent for you to view their health information unless this is already stated on their records.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the practice’s Online Services, you will need download and print out the Online Access Registration (found at the top of the page). Once you have completed your registration, you will need to return it to our reception team as well as show a form of photo ID (i.e. a passport, driving licence etc.) so that the team member may verify your identity. If you do not have any form of ID, please speak to our reception team.

Coronavirus update: in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,  patients can sign up for Online Services without needing to visit the surgery to verify their ID. To sign up, please fill the online access registration form and submit it to us with a copy of your photographic ID using the form below.

Online Access Registration Form (electronic version)

• Copy of your photographic ID (e.g. a driving licence, passport)

You will then be given a set of details for you to login to the practice’s Online Services homepage which can be found at Please allow one week for our staff to process your online access registration form.

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