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Dispensing Delivery Service

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering a delivery service to our dispensing patients as a means of reducing the need for patients to visit the surgery in light of the guidance regarding social distancing and self-isolation. This service may also continue in the future to further benefit our dispensing patients. See below for information and how our service will work:

Patients should order medication as usual when it is due by either leaving a voicemail on our prescriptions line or using online access.

The deliveries for each village are as follows:​

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
No deliveries Houghton Wyton (village & On the Hill)
Woodhurst Bluntisham Earith
Hemingfords (Grey & Abbots)

Patients must make sure that at least five working days are given for our dispensary to process and dispense medication. The prescription will then be out for delivery on the next available delivery date for that village.

An example of this would be:

Patients are welcome to collect medication after the five days if they cannot wait for their medication to be delivered but they must pre-warn the surgery so our dispensary do not sort that patient’s medication out for delivery. They can notify us by calling the surgery.

Acute medication (medication which is prescribed during consultations with a doctor or nurse and required urgently) will not be a part of the delivery service, however if patients are able to wait for these medications, we may be able to deliver them with your usual medications.

Texts (or phone calls to those without mobiles) will be sent to patients the day before their medication is out for delivery. We ask that patients are in on the day of their delivery in order to receive their prescriptions. For some patients, we will not be able to leave prescriptions if they are not in and they will instead need to be collected by the patient / someone close to the patient or the patient will need to wait for the next delivery to their village. ​

We are able to deliver controlled drugs to patients who use these however our delivery driver will need to photograph the house door to demonstrate they have been received safely. We would prefer payment of prescriptions to be in card which can be taken over the phone as advised in our text message. Patients can pay with cash if they prefer but we ask that this be exact change to help with social distancing.

Please note that the administrator arranging deliveries and our delivery drivers cannot answer questions about medication nor check the bags/items. Patients will need to contact the surgery with any queries they may have.

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