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Med3 Fit Notes

You do not require a doctor’s sickness certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.


Evidence that you are sick

If you are sick for more than seven days, your employer can ask you to give them some form of medical evidence to support payment of SSP (statutory sick pay).

It is up to your employer to decide whether you are incapable of work. A medical certificate, now called a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ (see below) from your doctor is strong evidence that you are sick and would normally be accepted, unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.

You could also provide evidence from someone who is not a medical practitioner, e.g. a dentist. Your employer will decide whether or not this evidence is acceptable. If your employer has any doubts, they may still ask for a medical certificate from your GP.


Statement of Fitness for Work – Fitness for Work statement

With your employer’s support, the note will help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury.

If you are unable to work due to illness and need a Fitness for Work statement (also known as a medical certificate), please fill our the below form or call the surgery to request one. Please allow 3 working days for these to be processed.

Update March 23rd, 2020: in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will be emailing Fitness for Work certificates to patients to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact at the surgery. When requesting your certificate either over the phone or using the below form, please provide your email address so we are able to send these securely to you. 

Please be aware we will not issue a medical certificate before the first day you will need to be away from work (i.e. pre-date certificates in advance) except in exceptional circumstances where it will be down to a GP to decide whether or not it is issued.

We can overlap two certificates if necessary and ask that patients only request certificates near to the time the initial statement will run out, rather than 2-3 weeks in advance.


For more information, see the DirectGov website (where this information was sourced)

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